Real Estate

Legal assistance in any transactions with real estate from simple purchase agreements for land, apartments and private housing to major projects on investment in commercial properties, ensuring optimum structuring of transactions and minimizing possible risks.

Finance Law

Legal assistance in the financial sector representing interests of financial institutions and customers of financial institutions in various kinds of financial transactions, as well as resolution of disputes.

Insolvency Law

Full range of legal support for creditors in insolvency proceedings of debtors – advice, drafting of creditor’s claim, representation at the meetings of creditors, and dispute resolution.


Representation in judicial proceedings at all instances of the court in all kinds of disputes governed by the civil law, especially in complicated disputes relating to real estate, financial transactions, and insolvency proceedings.


Development of legal opinions on theory and practice of the civil law, as well as latest issues and possible solutions thereof.


Professional training on pressing issues of the civil law by reviewing theory and practice and focusing on the case law. The seminars are presented in an exciting and comprehensible manner based on handouts of excellent quality.